Our Process


Major League Painting prides itself in offering a clear path towards beautiful spaces. Below is our 1-2-3 process for how we transform your space:

#1 - Prepare

First, we prepare, cover, and secure all the of the vulnerable areas in your home, front/back yard, office, and more. This includes removing wall paper, taping, patching, caulking (if necessary), laying down paint covers, and more.

#2 - Paint

Second, when the surfaces are ready, we go ahead and paint or stain your space according to your colour choice. We approach painting with the goal of ensuring longevity, cleanliness, and precision.

#3 - Polish

Lastly, when the time is right, we uncover all vulnerable areas and reveal your newly refreshed space.  We will leave your home or business cleaner than when we entered, and will remove all trash and used material.

“Pat was very detail oriented and knowledgeable when it comes to the finer points of painting. This is really what I want most when I’m in the final phase of construction. Pat made my newly redone basement look top notch and exceeded my expectations. He was also able to hide all the small imperfections in my 40 year old walls upstairs. Thanks again Pat!”